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 Follow this guide to make your application.

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Follow this guide to make your application. Empty
PostSubject: Follow this guide to make your application.   Follow this guide to make your application. Icon_minitimeSat Nov 15, 2008 12:52 pm

Copy and paste those points and fill them out plz

Characters in game:
Main character:
Experience (time played):
Guild(s) you are or have been in:
Why did you leave your previous guild(s)?:
Servers you played on:
Time zone:
Average playtime/day:
Ventrilo and a microphone:
Favourite class:
Classes you dont like/play:

We are teamplayers so we are looking for ppl who enjoy GvG fights.
It is required to have at least 3 spec toons to fight at mines and banes.

Also want all our members in vent when they are ingame.

All your toons on thurin should be in Apocalypse, toons in other nations than
SDR are not allowed.

We want our members to have fun ingame and feel comfortable, but loyality
and teamspirit are required.

The Apocalypse ICs have a zero tolerance policy for trashtalking, so if
you like to send offensive hatetells and harrass other ppl, you should
probably join other guilds which are more into it.

If you agree to all this points and got the same understanding how the game should be played
fill out the application, post it and we will tell contact you.
It is not neccessary to register, just apply plz.
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Follow this guide to make your application.
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